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The Perfect Snack

Skinny Crisps are nutritious, satisfying, crispy crackers that combine  great taste with gluten-free ingredients and contain approximately 1 net  carbohydrate per cracker. According to FDA nutritional packaging standards, most Skinny Crisp crackers have less than 1g net carbohydrates per cracker.

Skinny Crisps are the perfect snack for those who wish to eliminate  gluten or decrease carbohydrates in their diet. These treats are high in  fiber and have little effect on blood sugar levels.

Skinny  Crisps are baked in our gluten-free facility. We use only the highest  quality ingredients, including: ground almonds, chickpea flour, ground  golden flax seeds, psyllium husks, organic dehydrated cane juice, olive  oil, sea salt, spices, and assorted toppings. All of these are combined  to produce a tasty cracker, which can be served with dips, cheese, tuna  salad, and as a satisfying substitute for toast or bread.

Skinny Crisps as a snack are ideal for those with celiac disease,  autism, diabetes, low carbohydrate diets, or anyone who enjoys a tasty  cracker that is healthy and nutritious. Due to the high fiber content of  Skinny Crisps, just three or four crackers accompanied with coffee, tea  or juice may quickly satisfy hunger cravings.

Our flavors  include: Plain Jane, Toasty Onion, White Sesame, Say Cheese, Seeded  (black & white sesame with fennel), The Whole Shebang (like an  "everything” bagel), Cinnamon Crisps, and Brownie Crisps.