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The Skinny Behind Skinny Crisps

Baked to perfection in Boulder, CO

About Skinny Crisps

Skinny Crisps are a nutritious, satisfying, handmade crispy cracker that combines great taste with gluten free ingredients and contains approximately one net carb per cracker Skinny Crisps are baked in our dedicated gluten free facility in Boulder, CO. Our entire selection of 8 flavors are a satisfying snack to enjoy with a glass of wine or your favorite beverage. Skinny Crisps are ideal for those with celiac disease, autism, diabetes and for those on a weight-loss program, or just about anyone who enjoys a crispy cracker, which is not only tasty, but healthy and nutritious. These treats are high in fiber and have little effect on blood sugar levels. Because of the fiber content, one is satisfied with just three or four crackers and may find that their hun-ger and cravings will subside in a few minutes.

The Ideal Snack

We use the highest quality ingredients including: ground almonds, chickpea flour, sor-ghum flour, psyllium husks, organic evaporated cane juice, high oleic sunflower oil and sea salt, plus spices and assorted toppings. All of these combined, produce a tasty snack cracker which can be enjoyed with dips, cheese, tuna salad, and in many cases are the perfect substitute for toast or bread. Our very popular Cinnamon Crisps, Brownie Crisps and Chocolate Mint flavors provide a delicious sweeter treat. Our flavors include: Plain Jane, Toasty Onion, Toasted Sesame, Seeded (fennel, black & white sesame), Whole Shebang, like an “everything” bagel, Cinnamon Crisps, our de-licious Chocolate Chip Brownie Crisps, and Chocolate Mint Crisps.

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