By far, the best tasting...

best tolerated gluten free crackers made. I  would also love to see a wrap by your company. the gluten free wraps  I've tried were not very good. lettuce sandwiches get boring....love  them all, but the brownie crisps are the bomb!

by:  Lesley Melendez

I love your crisps!

Every now and then I find a really skinny crisp  (matchstick more than cracker shape).  Today I found one in the cinnamon  pkg and w/o thinking dunked it in almond butter -- totally perfect!  It  "held up" and was delicious!  Haven't checked the website, maybe you  offer them that way... hopefully!!  Thanks so much!!

by:  Joan Pfaff 

Prior to the diagnosis...

As a recently diagnosed type I diabetic, I thought fun snackables were a thing of the past.  Prior to the diagnosis my diet was already restrictive, organic, meat, gluten & dairy free.  A low carb/cal cracker that fits all those perimeters?  I never expected them to be good & they are so very good!
Thank you!
by:  CristineMcC

Love the Plain Janes!

I am thrilled to find your product. I have been hunting forever for a cracker that tastes good,  that isn't  bitter but doesn't have grains, corn or rice.  Thank you!!!

by:  Nancy 

I lost about 20 lbs...

on a low carb diet, and during the process I discovered your product. I have been in love ever since!!!!! I have been ordering them online for about a year, and recently moved to CO. Today while grocery shopping I found your product (toasty onion is my favorite) and jumped for joy. I have never been so excited to see food in my life! Ha! They are amazing!! They instantly fill my cheese and crackers cravings but they're yummy and delicious. Love love love these crackers. Very happy customer.

by:  Laura Tempini

These are amazing!

I used to eat these when I lived in NYC and I miss them. I  live in CA now and am join to make a trip out to the nearest grocery  store that sells these! Such satisfying taste and texture. Wonderful,  mindful ingredients.

by: Jane K.